Lead is one of the older and most durable building materials and provides roofers with great flexibility for installing roof flashings, dormer and other roofing features. slider4

Roofwise Roofing Services carry out a wide variety of works using sheet lead ranging from simple roof flashings at valleys, abutments and roof penetrations to more complex work on dormers and roofing features. Both our roof tilers who are trained in the correct installation techniques and relevant standards as well as our specialist lead installers carry out the work. Our ability to carry out the associated leadwork involved in the overall roof construction allows the client to eliminate the difficulty of programming different trades and provides both an efficient economy of scale and the peace of mind gained through using a single contractor.

We only employ skilled lead workers who have been fully trained in all aspects of lead work and conform to all current L.D.A. guidelines.


Cover Flashing

Cover flashings are used where a felt or similar roof covering turns up against a wall. A lead sheet is normally used for this work and it is important that the length of each piece of flashing does not exceed 1.5m. Laps between pieces should not be less than 100mm.
Use a straight piece of batten to mark a line 25mm from the top edge of each flashing piece and then bend the lead with the use of the dresser to form a 25mm turn into the brickwork. Each piece of flashing is secured into a joint in the brickwork.