Chimney Services

Chimney Services

Roofwise Roofing Services also offer a comprehensive chimney repair and maintenance service, our team of professionals have worked on every type of chimney imaginable.

So if you have a chimney that needs repairing or even if you’re in need of a total chimney rebuild, then Roofwise Roofing Services are here to help!IMG-20150204-WA0046



Chimney Stack Rebuild

The pointing of the chimney brickwork has been reinstated with a sand/white cement gauge mortar to match the pointing to the gable end elevation of the house.

Allchimneys- Chimney repair & rebuild

Chimney Capping & Chimney Vent Repair

A gas cowl, used on a flue running a gas appliance and a vented chimney pot capping cowl which is used to cap the unused flue in this stack but still allows a flow of air which prevents condensation in the chimney flue.
Chimney Capping and Chimney Vent Repair
Damp areas on a plastered chimney breast can be a sign that you chimney needs to be repaired, this can be caused by unvented capped chimney flues.

Chimney anti-down-draft & bird guard fitting

This photo shows a classic design of an anti-down draft chimney cowl and a simple bird guard.

Roofwise Roofing Services offer fitting services for all types of bird guard and chimney aspirators

Chimney anti-down-draft fitting

Chimney cowl fitting/ Lightning protection

This photo shows two aspects of the works carried out by Roofwise Roofing Services. The chimney pots are fitted with gas type cowls but in addition you will see the Lightning Protection System fitted to the chimney.

Chimney lightning protection and cowl fitting

The L.P.S. shown here comprises of an air termination rod connected to a roof system of 25mm x 3mm Aluminium Black P.V.C. Lightning conductor. For more information on the design, testing and installation of Lightning Protection Systems contact us.

Chimney pointing/repointing

This chimney repair job was badly needed, the centre chimney pot has fallen and the top metre of brickwork required repointing. Often we are asked to give a quotation to two household sharing the same bank of chimneys.

Chimney repointing

Chimney Anti-down-draft cowl fitting

Again a problem of a chimney not drawing correctly and possible down draft. Fitted here are an anti-down draft cowl and an aspirator to increase chimney draw. These classic chimney problems are very common in properties with low chimneys such as bungalows.

Anti-down-draft chimney fitting